More often then not, we need to take time to stop doing everything and just be.

Picture of a Sunset
Picture of a Sunset taken from Peculiar, MO on 10/18/2015

This is a picture of today’s sunset I took today, when I stepped outside for just 15 minutes or so. I waited for just the right moment, walked outside, sat up against a large tree and just watched. Cars went by, dogs barked, life went on while the sun crept over the horizon.

Admittedly, this isn’t something I do all that often, but I should. I think we all should take some time out of our days to stop rushing through life to the next destination or task. We all have work, families, life, side projects, hobbies, chores, and other obligations. But 10-15 minutes isn’t too long to go somewhere and just be.

I’m writing this to remind myself at a future date when I feel I don’t have time to do this. Hopefully, I see it and remember why it’s important. But I hope you can get something from it as well. Have a great day!


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